Pizza Version of White Bread #1 with Sourdough Starter

i did an experiment today with the white bread recipe i usually make.  i wanted to make a tomatoey dough with pizza flavors, so i substituted spicy V8 for the milk, olive oil for vegetable oil, and garlic salt for the salt, and added some pizza seasoning to the flour. the recipe works out like […]


Rustic Sourdough Bread

i like the sourdough conversion of white bread that i’ve made a few times, but since it takes 12 hours, i looked for another version which might be faster.  i ended up trying King Arthur Flour’s Rustic Sourdough Bread recipe. i got a fancy new digital scale for christmas, so you’ll see that featured in […]

more sourdough starter instructions

i typed this up in an email to some friends i gave some starter to. there’s 2 ways to feed sourdough – by weight and by volume, and there’s also a few possible situations – counter-top or fridge. first rule is to always double it when you feed it.  this could be after you have […]


Homemade Pizza Dough (Sourdough Starter)

i got a nice new pizza stone for christmas this year (i somehow cracked my previous two) so i decided to make homemade pizza and try using sourdough starter.  i followed this recipe i found on sourdoughhome.com. the first dough turned out a little dry so i made another in a slightly different way which […]


White Bread #1 (Sourdough version)

as promised, here is the recipe for the bread i posted a picture of previously.  the recipe is based on the Red Star White Bread #1 Recipe but altered according to Sourdough Jack’s instructions on this page. 1 c active sourdough starter 6.5 c bread flour 1 c milk 1.25 c water 2 Tbsp vegetable […]

sourdough whitebread #1

sourdough starter

first, a brief history: i started baking bread using this no-knead recipe that my brother made one year for a holiday, it was easy and tasty.  then i moved on to other yeast bread recipes, mostly from the back of red star yeast packages.  it amazed me how easy it is to make something so […]


well, here’s a new blog.  so far my plan is to document some bread making with photos and recipes so other people can easily follow it.  i also want to document little ideas and projects.